The clip hook is now exclusively available from these sites:

  • Bass Bags (UK)
  • Bassico (Europe)
  • Gollihur Music (Rest of the World)

Each one is still handmade by me, here in the UK so it is only the advertising, promotion and sale of the clip hook that has been handed over to these globally renowned sellers of everything to do with the upright bass.

Buy from Bassbags

Buy from Bassico

Buy from Gollihur Music

about the business

Individually designed and handmade on a 'cottage industry' basis, I would ask that due respect and consideration be given to what is a precarious enterprise, and the rights and physical characteristics of the arco clip hook remain exclusively the property of Steve Berry, worldwide.

That said, approaches to discuss further exploitation or licensing of the arco clip hook are welcome.

To discuss rights/licensing, or in the unlikely event you have a problem with your arco clip hook and need help, please contact me, Steve Berry.